QuickClean Ultrasonic Cleaner


Fast, efficient, operation –Frequency Leap Technology which ensures homogenous cavitational activity reducing dead spots and standing waves and minimising cycle time.

Repeatable & traceable cleaning performance – save and store cycle parameters and results with the integral memory card port.

Variable power settings allow the cycle parameters to be optimised for your application and load type and a fluid level sensor ensures the right water levels are maintained prior to and during the cycle, so you don’t have to worry.

There’s a range of sizes & flexible basket options to suit your application and throughput needs, eliminating bottlenecks and maximising flow through your instrument processing cycle.


Working capacity

Unit external

Tank internal

Basket internal

Operating Freq.


Ultrasonic power

QC1 4.5 340x325x265 300x150x150 265x115x110 32-38 0-70 100
QC3 13 375x490x265 330x300x150 295x260x110 32-38 0-70 200
QC6 25 550x490x365 505x300x200 465x260x160 32-38 0-70 400

  • Model:
  • Cycles:
  • Capacity:
  • External Dimensions:
  • Power Supply:
  • Time to Completion:
  • Warranty:

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