With leading technology and designed for high performance, the Kronos sterilizer range also a simple and easy-to-use user interface.

Available in B, S or N class and in sizes ranging from 6 to 23 litres, the Kronos is the perfect solution for busy practices requiring a high throughout.

We offer a range of flexible water solutions to assist you in consistently feeding the unit with water of the desired quality. How you choose to fill and drain your unit is entirely up to you.

If you have your own purified water supply, you have the option to permanently plumb the unit in. If you do not require this option, your unit can be completely standalone (no technicians required). Or you can have a combination of the two.


Including a printer as standard on all models and, on our 18 and 23 models an optional USB port for effortless data capture, the Kronos range offers full record keeping capabilities, enabling you to comply with your local regulations and best practices. To keep up with the most stringent traceability good practices, the Kronos range offers the “cycle reprint” option, which allows you to reprint all the data from the last 10 cycles performed.

All our Newmed sterilizers include simple and cost-effective service protocols to ensure a minimal cost of ownership and the shortest interruption in operation for service throughout the lifetime of your sterilizer. Main Features listed with a link “view more features” Main Specifications with same as above with a link to all.


Fast cycles  - Stainless steel/Aluminium chamber - Graphic display - Two/Four electronic temperature probes - Convenient door closure facility - Multi-language graphic display - Integral printer


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