Proper sterilisation is critical to your ability to give excellent care. Yet, heat sealing your instruments into bags for steam sterilisation can bog down the process and cause costly, sometimes dangerous, delays. The QuickSeal machine is a smarter option, offering high quality material, more reliable sealing, and both light and sound status indicators to keep your staff alerted. During a busy day, staff members can easily forget the bag in the sealing machine, risking heat related damage to equipment or even injury. To avoid softening or burns, the QuickSeal machine automatically cuts electricity from the resistance, shutting off the heat. Paper roll holder can be also wall-mounted.


Sealing dimensions
12 x 300 mm

External dimensions
H 440 x 400 x 370 mm (H x W x D)

7.5 kg

Power supply
230 V or 110 V
50-60 Hz

Power consumption
100 W

In compliance with


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Dental, Medical, Veterinary